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500 Children to Everest

April and May 2019, Ghassan Hajjar, a Lebanese athlete,  attempted…

Our Centers

The Day Care Center in Sin el Fil

For the prevention of crime and Children’s labor. The children are welcomed after school for a hot meal. They are tutored by volunteers to do their homework, they unwind with games and activities before going back home for the night.

The Center for School Tutoring in Bourj Hammoud

The school remedial center at AFEL welcomes 81 students aged between 6 and 15, with academic, relational, psychological, and speech therapy difficulties, which prevent them from entering a regular school.

The center provides children with a school environment that promotes the possibility of academic or technical integration through specialized follow-up for re-educational purposes (adapted school system, speech therapy, psychomotor and psychological follow-up). The activities of the center cover the needs of the child at all levels: educational, extracurricular, social and paramedical in order to increase their abilities and train them to cope well with the outside world.

For the rehabilitation of children with educational, relational, psychological, speech and psychomotor difficulties. The children are guided by speech therapists, psychomotricity specialists and psychologists, to improve their scholastic aptitudes or to orient them towards a handicraft. It is the only specialist center entirely free of charge in Lebanon.

Helping service and scholarship pay

Objectives relating to the center

  • Allow children with academic delay or slight mental retardation to acquire the basics of reading and writing.
  • Promote the social integration of problem children in regular schools or technical institutes.
  • Provide children with a safe environment that promotes their healthy development and personal fulfillment.


Finally, the aim of all AFEL services is to welcome the child, to support him in his social, academic, identity and emotional learning to bring him to a successful integration into his family, his environment and, more widely, society. That is why AFEL works on providing a non-discriminatory and safe environment for the children to learn and heal with their families and grow on a personal level.

Lists of foundations



This project is about a harassment prevention campaign in public and private schools in Lebanon, with the publication of two brochures in three different versions (Arabic, French, and English)

Liban Canada fonds
  • School sponsorship
  • Medical aid
la foundation Jacqueline et Paul Jeanbart

The amount received by the Jacqueline and Paul Jeanbart Foundation for the year 2022 was allocated to the purchase of 2 types of equipment:
– Psychological, speech therapy and psychometric tests for the remedial school
– Helping children to express and accept their anxieties and to change their negative perceptions vis-à-vis the outside world.
– Help to express their ideas, their needs and their feelings without resorting to aggressive means, and to become aware of the harmful consequences of their behavior.
– Increase their concentration through adequate cognitive activities, help control their impulsiveness and change their self-image.
– Strengthen self-esteem and help children become aware of their sexual identity.

Fondation Ghazal

Ghazal Foundation: The Ghazal Foundation, which is affiliated with the Fondation de France, has awarded AFEL the prize for “conflict prevention and peace in Lebanon” on December 15, 2018.

Expertise de France

Qudra: The project’s title is Strengthening National Child Protection and Protection Systems and Capabilities for Lebanon’s Vulnerable Population.

Location of the project: zgharta – syr denniyeh in northern Lebanon.

Les Enfants de la Méditerranée

Determined financial budget:
1- Donation in kind: various used equipment from 2 A.F.EL kitchens

2- 40 desktops and laptops for educators and children from the three centers (boarding school, remedial school and day school)

Fondation de France

Project title; psychological support for children
November 2020- December 2022

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