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500 Children to Everest

April and May 2019, Ghassan Hajjar, a Lebanese athlete, will attempt to climb Mount Everest: 8,848m, the highest point on Earth. The pinnacle of athletic achievement. Ghassan is known for his extreme adventures, such as the Marathon des Sables 2015 in Morocco’s Sahara, when he also fundraised for AFEL’s 500 children. For this XTRM CLIMB, […]

Art Therapy Workshops

AFEL organized several art therapy workshops from candle-crafting to drawing, music, pyrography and embroidery, to help children express themselves and communicate in a better and different way.

Support Groups for Parents

Thanks to funds from ASMAE, an international solidarity NGO specialized in child development, AFEL created support groups for parents, offering them a place where they can freely express themselves and safely be listened to. Parents were also provided with tools allowing them to face their problems and educate their children in a better way. And […]

Stress Management training

In order to improve their ability to deal with children anxiety, AFEL trained its teams on stress management: a psychiatrist was invited to offer group sessions combining meditation and breathing techniques. AFEL also held a special training for coping with disruptive and agitated children in the classroom.

Mosaïque Project

Mosaïque project started in 2014-2015 and is financed by the Italian Embassy. Within the frame of this project, AFEL has trained 150 NGOs on the Child Protection Charter, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social affairs and ABAAD which specializes in women’s rights. AFEL has also provided trainings for the Ministry’s social workers to enable […]

Summer Camps

Over 250 children participated in our summer camps in Jouar and in our day camps in Burj Hammoud and Sin el Fil during the months of July and August 2017.